You know you’ve been back to China when…

I’m back in Shanghai now after a week spent in Maldives.

You know you’ve been back to China when:

  1. People starts to stand up and retrieve their hand luggage while the plan is on final approach
  2. You are waiting for your luggage and the woman behind you talk louder than is necessary
  3. People look over your shoulder to see what you are reading
  4. Someone makes an eye contact with you and stares at you for 10 seconds
  5. When you are queing, people behind you suddently jump to the head of the queue
  6. You watch cabbies picking their noses whilst stuck in traffic.
  7. Cars horn at you when you walk across zebra crossing
  8. You met someone stops at the top or bottom of the escalator to plan their day
  9. You heard someone making a loud hocking noise and split on the floor behind you
  10. You saw people smoking inside an air-conditional room
  11. You saw someone wearing their pyjamas to Carefour
  12. You saw guys rolls the legs of their pants up to the knees, and roll thier shirt up to their nipples
  13. Someone hands you a brochure and ask you whether you want to learn English, just because I have an Asian look
  14. Ok, back home and taking my shower, I heard firework outside my window
  15. You think the best part of TV are the commercials