Snorkeling in the middle of Indian Ocean

Snorkeling is one of the most favourite recretional activities in the club. The activity is included in our package, so we can go for an unlimited snorkeling whenever we like. Maldives has been rated as number one site for snorkeling because of diverse underwater world and underwater visibility to 60m. Reefs are the ideal place to snorkel and examine the contrasting nature of water and marine flora and fauna. It’s a perfect spot for any person to peep into the hidden facinating world!

There are 2 boats going, this is the other

Powderblue fish

Butterfly fish probably?

Parrot fish

Needle fish

A suddent drop off with some fish doing their fishy things

Back to the boat, one of the Chinese got a cut on his leg

Every morning and afternoon, one or two boats headed out from the jetty to various spots with 2 GOs organizing them. We had brought our own snorkeling gear since Club Med lends you gear only when you snorkel with them. The boat took us 25 minutes out into the Indian Ocean. There is a swim test with life jacket on before we took off. On our second excursion, it’s hard to relax and enjoy the fish while pushing other people’s fin out of my face, and try to ignore people bumped into me! There are less people in the morning. However, it was no guarantee of a good excursion. They do not pre-announce what sites are going to visit, but decide on the spot according to currents and etc. There are 2 of the sites we saw were deep – 20m, so if you didn’t do surface dives, its really limited what you could see. Lots and lots of fish, I’m so jealous to hear of many sea turtle sightings because we didn’t saw any.

We went sailing too. Again, swim test without life jacket is a must if you want to do it by yourself. If you fail or doesn’t want a swim test, the instructor will accompany you and bring you out to the sea. You have to be careful about tights. They have times listed on a board at the sailing shack.

Kayaking is tiring! We went kayaking for a few times. When there’s no wind, kayaking is good. The paddles are in plastic and metal. There are some small island that you can paddle to! Once we were ‘force’ (LOL) by Yuta the Japanese instructor to join his kayaking race in the afternoon. So we registered ourself and was exciting and looking forward to it. But unfortunatly, I was doing Paf-Paf and had forgotten the time and miss the race!