Shanghai Barbie Flagship Store

The World largest Barbie store is located on the busy and popular HuaiHai Road, designed by New York-based Slade Architecture and Ogilvy & Mather’s BIG division. Whimsical lattice pattern of Barbie iconography that was printed on the facade is not striking in the day. At night, however, it transforms into Barbie heaven as the pink lighting makes it stand out. The Architects has developed a puffy underlayer of vacuum-formed clear polycarbonate behind the facade, allowing visitors to have a glimpse of the street and natural sunlight that will spill deep into the interior. I really LOVE architectures and interiors that use a lot of natural sunlight.

There are 800 of current and vintage Barbie dolls lining up in clear tubes at the center spiral stairwell connecting levels 3, 4 and 5. Shoppers young and old, immediately spot this spectacular  display and it really sets the tone and theme for the entire store.

Dichroic-glass mobile of Barbie-icon cutouts – purses, hearts and petal-shaped sliced out of tinted clear acrylic over the stairwell.

Top magnets that attach display items to a steel-paneled “shoe-wall”.

Ceilings are tastefully decorated to lighten up the mood of visitors and shoppers.

Real life Barbie and Ken!? They were very popular and the ladies seem to prefer taking photos with the suave looking Ken rather than Barbie. Everywhere they went, a crowd would follow closely behind.

Some of the staff near the Design Center wearing a pink outfit, Barbie signature color which looks like a cross between a rain coat and a lab coat.

The Design Center where die hard Barbie lovers can use their creative juices to create new designs. Looks like a computer lab… Barbie style!! All these children must be really enjoying themselves.

The world’s most famous blonde is 50 years old! But the American icon could never be just another middle-aged woman.

The dolls on the left are wearing the vintage zebra black & white swimsuit. When Barbie made her first appearance back in 1959 (yes… she is 50 years old now), she was wearing the same kind of swimsuit. It wasn’t until 1962 that Barbie changed to the Red Helenca swimsuit (shown on the right).

The 3rd doll in the Byron Lars’ Chapeaux collection.

The dolls do not come cheap at all. Be prepared to spend a few hundred yuan at least. The African American Barbie doll above was designed by Bryon Lars, a fashion designer and prodigy.

The Barbie cafe in mosaic flooring…

Shoppers explore the newly opened Shanghai Barbie flagship store. This is all good news of course, because it means the Barbie store are probably going to do well with her first dedicated store in Shanghai, the most modern and fashionable city.

On the first floor, near the entrance is the Image Shop. The photos taken can be compiled into a photo album or a customized unique table calendar.