Personal Goals for December

I’ll be setting up a couple of goals for myself and hope to get more done this December! I thought it would be a good idea and I always feel so much more organized when I write things down. December would be another busy month… online or offline.

  1. Try to exercise more.
  2. I used to go to my apartment’s gym for an hour treadmill workout twice a week… then I got so lazy during the winter and marinated myself instead. I’m also trying to walk more or stretches everyday.

  3. Eat healthy.
  4. Try to eat 5 vegetarian meals, 2 fish meals plus a meat meal a week.

  5. Look after my skin.
  6. Use more moisturiser during the winter.

  7. Try not to be too busy.
  8. Spend time with my hubby. We have been dining out at least twice a week in a restaurant for the pass few years. For the last 2 months, we have been fine-tuning the quality of our weekend date and try to spend less money.

  9. Trying to conceive.
  10. Baby making project…

  11. Create a new theme for this blog.
  12. I wanted to create a new theme for this blog since two months ago. I’m trying to spend more time to redesign my blog for 2009. A Chinese theme…? A personal blog theme…? hmmm… I’ve no idea at all…

  13. Build a static website.
  14. I’ve got the ideas and the domain name for a year already but haven’t gotten around to building them.