Guess what… I’m Pregnant!

So yes! I’m pregnant…!

…and that’s why I haven’t been around. After trying for months, that 2 lines sent a jolt from my eyeballs to my toes. I was filled with the greatest sense of hapiness, excitement, shock, disbelief… that I took 2 home pregnancy test and 1 at the hospital to convince myself this was really happening.

I did not want to mention it too soon, just to make sure everything’s fine, but now, I can’t hold back any longer. My first 3 months were almost unbearable and it’s been a wild ride! I was so. damn. sick. 247 nausea with a bit of heartburn, fatigue, headache, bloated, irritable… Every moment of the day I feel like throwing up. It’s awful.

But, I’m glad to report my current 2nd trimester has been lovely. My “all day sickness” has become “evening sickness” and I feel my energy’s returning!

So, I’m back… At least for now!