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A Date with Mr. Yong

I disappeared off the web because I’m seeing someone in Shaanxi last week. Yes, he is Chinese, ever stayed in London for 6 months, he don’t speak English and was actually born in Xi’an – a historical place to the southwest of Beijing. The moment I touched down at Xi’an XianYang Airport, I was very […]

How to get a good view of Leshan Giant Buddha for RMB1

There are 2 ways to get a better view of the Giant Buddha…. there’s the view from the boat for those willing to fork out RMB50… and there’s the view from the opposite bank for a mere RMB1. Obviously, being the scrooge that we are, we chose the cheapest route available. After looking at the […]

Leshan Giant Buddha

Leshan is about 1.5 hours drive by coach from Chengdu. It houses the Giant Buddha which is something rediculous like 71 meters tall, 1200 year old World’s Largest sitting ancient statue of the deity. It’s carved out of a hillside in 8th century and looks down on the confluence of 3 rivers in southwestern Sichuan […]

Greetings from Chengdu, Panda’s home

Almost everyone knows when you come to Chengdu, you see panda! But most people wouldn’t have a clue about the history of Chengdu. Chengdu was a place where bronze culture originated, a place where Southern Silk Road started and a place where the earliest paper currency was printed! Chengdu also lies in a center position […]

Koolhaas Masterpiece TVCC after the fire

7 years of hard work and efforts, the multi-million dollar modernist architecture unveiled for 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing is now an eyesore. The blaze renderes the 31 story structure unuseable, as the titamium alloy and zinc of the outer structure was burnt! With 159m height, the building designed by 2 reknown Architect, Rem Koolhaas […]

Beijing CCTV Annex on fire!

A fire has destroyed the annex of CCTV new headquaters in Beijing an hour ago. I was chatting with a friend based in Beijing and he told me CCTV was on fire. At the same time, I was in Twitter and Micro bloggers from Twitter are reporting the news. Not only did Twitter get the […]

AirAsia a 5 Star Airline?

The last time I boarded AirAsia XL promo from Hangzhou to Kuala Lumpur was January last year when we visited my parents-in-law in Malaysia. With 5 flights a week, AirAsia is the first airline in the Southeast Asia region to provide a non-stop service flight to Hangzhou. They now fly to Australia, Uk, India and […]

Chinglish in famous Panda Research Center

The Chinese goverment spend a lot of effort to correctly translate the Chinese information on notice boards and road signs into English. This is to make sure that oversea tourist feel comfortable and are able to find their way around. It is anticipated that the number of tourists visiting China in 2008 will increase dramatically […]

2008 China International Food & Tourism Festival

I’m attending the 2008 China International Food & Tourism Festival (CIFT) which started today in Wenshuyuan Street, Chengdu. CIFT is sponsored by China National Tourism Administration, China Council of International Trade and Chengdu Municiple People’s Goverment. The festival themed “Food of Sichuan”will last for a month and is the longest in history. Food from other […]

Snorkeling in the middle of Indian Ocean

Snorkeling is one of the most favourite recretional activities in the club. The activity is included in our package, so we can go for an unlimited snorkeling whenever we like. Maldives has been rated as number one site for snorkeling because of diverse underwater world and underwater visibility to 60m. Reefs are the ideal place […]