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China SMS Scam

I’m sick of this SMS thing! I received many of them, from donate money for a good cause, or call the bank at a number they provided to confirm that you have spend XXX amount of money a few days ago, or call a number if you are interested in getting a loan at low […]

Shopping carts – A bumper cars game

I often go shopping for groceries at the nearby local Tesco and Carrefour outlets and I hate playing bumper car game with the locals. Occasionally when I intend to buy more or bigger stuff, I would like to use the shopping cart. Otherwise, I usually use the shopping basket provided. While you can easily find […]

Spoil your daughter to get a rich son-in-law

In China, everyone knows most couples have only one kid. This is the result of the Chinese government’s successful one-child policy, creating what many call “little emperors”. The child becomes the central focus of his parents and grandparents. They are given lots of love and attention to the point where sometimes, they become spoilt. I’m […]

Shanghai Babies Day Out

It is quite common to use baby strollers. After all, it is very convenient to use and bring your babies around. But seeing the way some parents or grandparents use the baby strollers over here in Shanghai is pretty shocking. While waiting at the roadside for the traffic lights, I noticed an elderly couple, pushing […]

Lycee with Saliva

While shopping at Carrefour the other day, I came across a unusual scene. As usual there were lots of people pushing here and there to buy fruits and vegetables. Recently, Carrefour started selling lycee, probably because it is the lycee season now. Lycee happened to be one of my favourite fruits. I am just about […]

Do you spit and burp in public??

– QUOTED – BEIJING (Reuters) – Some Chinese tourists have been warned that while spitting, slurping food and jumping queues may merely disgust people at home, they are sometimes not tolerated abroad, Xinhua news agency said on Friday. The increasing number of Chinese tourists travelling abroad may be a huge new source of income to […]

Hygine habits of the Mainland Chinese

Had my lunch at a Vietnamese Restaurant yesterday above XuJiaHui subway. The food sucks! The curry that I’ve order are not fresh at all and ‘taste’ overnight! We ordered some Vietnamese grill chicken wings but ends up fried chicken wings. After I went home, I fall sick. I consider how bad it was based on […]

How much change?

I mentioned in my old blog how some shop assistants have trouble even with basic arithmetic, the most extreme case being a CRC supermarket in Shanghai where the total was RMB95, I gave her a 100 note and she took a calculator out to determine how much change to give me back. Well, it happened […]

Pyjamas Outdoor – A Shanghai Fashion

In Carefour Hypermarket. The first time I saw someone wearing striped cotton pyjamas in a crowded street in the middle of the afternoon, it is hard not to do a double-take especially when that person is walking a dog, playing chess at the park or pedalling a bicycle. As you sitting in a bustling restaurant […]