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Mummy spotted in Shanghai Metro

Another weirdo in Shanghai again! A guy wrapped himself like a mummy was spotted in the metro last week. China Smack Early this year, someone spotted Mr. Superman in Shanghai subway, and apparently there’s also Mr. Giraffe in subway and Man in Pink. A video game metro?

Fat Guy Teaching English in Shanghai Subway

I met this guy twice when I was taking subway Line 1 at JingAn station last month. This guy out of nowhere hop on my cart and start his speech. He warned us not to trust this XYZ company (I’ve no idea what that company is) and said something bad about them… and whatever…. When […]

Superman spotted in Shanghai Metro

Our childhood super hero, Superman was spotted taking Shanghai Metro. He probably saw the news about bus exploded in Shanghai here and here, and thinks the public transport aren’t that safe. So he decided to take the subway instead and make sure the ordinary commuters are safe! Ha…. Picture credit: ChinaTravel