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Authentic Taiwanese Restaurant in Shanghai

I was recently introduced to this eatery house that serves AUTHENTIC Taiwanese food. The place was particularly famous for their Mi3-Tai2-Mu4, a sort of rice noodle. While I can understand why restaurants serving foreign cuisines change and adapt to suit the local taste buds, I appreciate and prefer restaurants that stick to the original favours […]

Love is in the air

A lot of people are talking about how the financial crisis is affecting China. But today, which also happens to be Valentine’s Day, a trip to Ikea would have you think otherwise. The place is jam packed. The food section is doing very well. In fact, so well that the cashiers can’t seem to stop […]

Best of Shanghai Expat Journal 2008

The start of a new year is often a time of reflection on the past year, as well as a time to look forward to the year ahead. Here’s a summary of my 2008: January 2008 Shanghai was blanked with thick white snow. This was a series of snow storms that affected large portions of […]

China SMS Scam

I’m sick of this SMS thing! I received many of them, from donate money for a good cause, or call the bank at a number they provided to confirm that you have spend XXX amount of money a few days ago, or call a number if you are interested in getting a loan at low […]

When a Hot Shanghai girl meets Tow Truck

This happens in the city of Shanghai when a Chevrolet Captiva driver left the tow truck driver in despair! After much arguing, the poor truck get towed by Chevrolet in Shanghai… lol. Lesson learned, don’t argue with a Shanghainese girl…

Shopping carts – A bumper cars game

I often go shopping for groceries at the nearby local Tesco and Carrefour outlets and I hate playing bumper car game with the locals. Occasionally when I intend to buy more or bigger stuff, I would like to use the shopping cart. Otherwise, I usually use the shopping basket provided. While you can easily find […]

Mummy spotted in Shanghai Metro

Another weirdo in Shanghai again! A guy wrapped himself like a mummy was spotted in the metro last week. China Smack Early this year, someone spotted Mr. Superman in Shanghai subway, and apparently there’s also Mr. Giraffe in subway and Man in Pink. A video game metro?

Spoil your daughter to get a rich son-in-law

In China, everyone knows most couples have only one kid. This is the result of the Chinese government’s successful one-child policy, creating what many call “little emperors”. The child becomes the central focus of his parents and grandparents. They are given lots of love and attention to the point where sometimes, they become spoilt. I’m […]

Pudong International Airport Long Distance Bus Schedule

Just an update for Pudong International Airport shuttle bus schedule I wrote few months ago. The photo was taken from the airport terminal last week and I’m surprise to found there are 7 spelling mistake! Shanghai is organising World Expo soon and they ought to do something about the information board! Please click the image […]