Authentic Taiwanese Restaurant in Shanghai

I was recently introduced to this eatery house that serves AUTHENTIC Taiwanese food. The place was particularly famous for their Mi3-Tai2-Mu4, a sort of rice noodle. While I can understand why restaurants serving foreign cuisines change and adapt to suit the local taste buds, I appreciate and prefer restaurants that stick to the original favours and taste.

One of the restaurant’s signature dishes: Stirred-fried Mi-Tai-Mu. Yummy… A MUST try!! (RMB 16)

They have many ways to cook and serve Mi-Tai-Mu. This is the dry Mi-Tai-Mu and they do have Mi-Tai-Mu soup.  A simple but authentic dish. (RMB8)

The famous Taiwanese Lu-Rou-Fan – Stewed Meat Rice – (RMB 6). Don’t be fooled by this photo. :) The serving is quite small though. The braised tiny pork pieces spreading over the steam rice, and are sprinkled with braised meat souce which often accompanied with radishes and pickles. The tasty braised pork rice will keep you wanting seconds!

It’s fun coming here and listen to the Taiwanese owner blah-ing out Chinese terms in their Taiwanese accent.

Instead of “Lu-Rou-Fan“, they say “Lu-Lou-Huang“. Instead of “Yiu-Dou-Fu“, they say “Yiu-Do-Hu“. :)

Yiu-Do-Hu“, (RMB 8): one of my favourite dishes.  A bowl of rice….  Some hot steaming braised tofu and I’m good… They are cooked in a braised souce made with special Chinese herbal ingredients. With a strong herbal scent, this tofu have a special taste that is like none other.

Another signature dish: Oriental stuffed chicken roll (RMB 16). Basically, it is minced chicken meat and some water chestnuts wrapped in bean curd skin and fried together – just the thing to get the stomach rumbling.

Try the Taiwanese Sausage as well (RMB 18). I could smell the sausage across the room before the waitress even delivered the plate to our table. The slices of garlic adds just a touch of spiciness to the dish.

The restaurant is very small and are only about 5 tables. It looks like Taiwanese style “xiao chi” and tea house. Couple of Taiwanese linger over some snacks at simple square dark wood tables as Taiwan channel news play on the wall mounted plasma tv. When we got there at 1pm, it was crowded and there were no empty seats.

The owner cum chef is a Taiwanese grandma.  Many Taiwanese dine there to fulfill their craving for authentic home-made dishes.

The eatery is named after its signature dish, Mi-Tai-Mu. The rice noodle is hand made and the ingredients are imported from Taiwan according to the chef. For dessert, you can try their Ice Mi-Tai-Mu, which rather unique. Unfortunately, we were not able to try this dessert as the restaurant have finished selling their last bowl.

Aside from these dishes we ordered above, the menu has O-ah-jian (Oyster Omelet), fried drumstick rice, fried calamari ball, braised egg, braised pork knuckles, variety of soups and more…

ALL food are served without MSG!!

Address: No.158 Zi-Teng Lu, Minhang.

Delivery: 34315456
Opening hours: 10:00am – 12:00am