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Pregnancy Updates: Week 36 – Stretchmarks

I’ve disccovered the first little stretchmarks on my belly! 2 have appeared: one on either side of the bottom of my bump, hope I do not get anymore. They are fairly small, but a rather defiant purplish color and are barely noticeable so I’m not too upset yet. If I had not admire my beautiful […]

My pregnancy bible

What to Expect When You’re Expecting – Heidi Murkoff, Arlene Einsenberg & Sandee Hathaway I bought this book 2 years ago before I’m expecting. It’s a 3rd edition but you can get the new 4th edition in the bookstore now. This book answered absolutely every questions and concerns for me and Ron and kept me […]

35 Weeks and counting…

My baby now weights 2.7kg. I’m getting heavier and tighter day after day. My feet hurt when I stand. My butt hurts when I sit. My back hurts when I walk. My pelvic hurts when I turn on bed, sometimes it make cracking and popping sounds. My leg cramps at night. My feet swell and […]

Pregnancy Updates: Fetal Movements

I look like I’ve swallowed a basketball I’m quite fascinated with my belly and I spend hours a day looking at it. Now, all the girlfriends that I have talked to about being pregnant said that when the baby gets big enough, you will be able to tell where’s the leg, the head, arms and […]