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Orphan Sponsorship

Ron has been thinking a lot about sponsoring a child lately. We have been thinking of having a baby sometime next year and it probably triggered this thought. We always see this old lady sitting on the pave way and begging for money. While I faithfully try to give her whatever small change I have, […]

Shanghai Metro Hustle & Jostle

Shanghai Metro during rush hour. Drop your shoulder and push when the train comes! When I was in Songjiang, I hate to get up early in the morning and play rugby with the Shanghainese at the metro station. Everyone will wait patiently for the train to arrive. Upon hearing from a distance away a long […]

Liu Xiang Limps Away From Race…

The hopes of 1.3 billion Chinese people rested on the shoulders of Liu Xiang, the golden boy of China’s Track and Field. Today, 90000 strong crowd cramped into the Bird’s Nest in anticipation. Many more had their eyes glued to the television. They expect him to breeze past the qualifying rounds and finally face Dayron […]

Chinese Z-Visa Renewing Experience

On Wednesday, I went to the Shanghai Visa Bureau in Pudong with Ron to extend his working Z-Visa & Resident Permit. In the past years, we never needed to go there in person to get an extension, but because of the new and tighter visa rules that you have probably read here, here, here and […]

Nokia E71 For Business

Does Nokia E71 looks like a Blackberry Killer? This 2.36-inch, 320 x 240 QVGA display is only slightly smaller than the iPod Classic’s. After much survey, I finally decided to purchase a smartphone, the Nokia E71. The reviews for this phone have been good and I really wanted to try out a Nokia product. I […]

The most expensive cities in the world

The surveys are conducted based on cost of living expenses in US dollars. For example according to all the surveys, the cost of living in cities outside the US dollar zone becomes more expensive if the dollar weakens against local currencies even when prices remain unchanged or indeed fall. Moscow, Russia. In June 2008, based […]

Olympic night in Shanghai

Aug 8th was finally here and the long awaited opening ceremony would be telecast lived at 20:08. The date and time of the opening ceremony have been carefully chosen to associate with the lucky number 8. The reason for this is that 8, pronounced as ba in Chinese – which is somewhat similar to the […]

Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony Backstage

Has anyone watched the Olympics opening ceremony in Beijing Nest stadium? It’s the most amazing opening ceremony that I’ve ever seen! One of my favourite was “footprints” fireworks “walking” towards the Bird Nest. The arrangement for China National Gymnast LiNing to bear the last torch to light up the Olympic Flame was greatly done by […]

Where to watch Olympic opening ceremony online

Since I make a post about “Where to watch Olympic opening ceremony in Shanghai“, I received more then 600 unique visitors these 2 days. I also notice a lot of traffic from the States typing the keyword “where to watch Olympic opening online”. I founded on, they broadcasts the opening ceremony of the games […]

Where to watch Olympic Opening Ceremony in Shanghai

People’s Square | Kathleen’s 5 (2 Indoor plasma, 2 outdoor big screen) Add: 5/F, Shanghai Art Museum, 325 Nanjing Xi Lu. Tel: 6327-2221 While not the first venue that comes to mind for a raucous Olympic viewing, with its unique locale atop the historic Shanghai Art Museum K5′s glass-encased dining area is the perfect grandstand […]