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Cuil to challenge Google

There’s yet another new search engine on the block, Cuil, made its public launch today and already call itself the “biggest search engine on the web”. The new engine named “Cuil” (pronounced “Cool”) after the gaelic word for “wisdom”, founded by husband-and-wife team and run by a team of former Google employees. The people at […]

Donald Trump in Shanghai?

Photo of the day: Trump Building A China version of Trump Tower in New York 5th Avenue – Trump Building! This Trump Building located along Dingxi road near Zhongshan park.

Housing blues

In recent years, housing prices in major cities like Shanghai & Beijing have really soared. If we had bought an apartment back in 2004 when we arrived, we would have made at least 50% profit if we sell it now (really feel like kicking ourselves). The prices have risen to a level where it is […]

So…less cars after Olympics

The 2008 Olympics is THE event of the century in China. The authorities are doing everything they can to make sure that absolutely nothing goes wrong. During this period, factories have been told to stop production. People have been told to drive less and use public transportation. Heck! Local Chinese are even told to learn […]

The Tyner – WordPress 2.6

I have spend some time today to update my wordpress to the new 2.6 version! It has been officially released a week ago, and almost a month ahead of schedule. WordPress 2.6 contants a number of new features that make it a more powerful CMS. That means we can also track changes to every posts, […]

Ajisen Ramen Fried Mussels Review

This is what Ajisen Ramen’s fried mussels looks like in the picture: This is what Ajisen Ramen’s fried mussels looks when it was served: I still recall the first time we dined in a South East Asian restaurant in Raffles Place, People’s Square. The food and atmosphere was average. It was an incident that left […]

Shanghai Babies Day Out

It is quite common to use baby strollers. After all, it is very convenient to use and bring your babies around. But seeing the way some parents or grandparents use the baby strollers over here in Shanghai is pretty shocking. While waiting at the roadside for the traffic lights, I noticed an elderly couple, pushing […]

My favourite English Bookstore in Shanghai

As an expatriate in Shanghai, one of the drawbacks of living and working in China is to find a good English bookstore where you can stock up for those long train rides, or nights when the only thing to watch on TV is a mediocre local film with no English subtitles. My Favoutie Mags I’m […]

Panda’s Life After Quake

All the pandas were safe in Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base and were unaffected by the May 12th devastating earthquake. The research base, home to world’s biggest group of artificially-bred giant pandas, is the only place in the world where these cuddly bears can be seen in huge numbers. There are about 20 pandas […]