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Shanghai Pudong International Ariport New Terminal

The new Shanghai Pudong International Airport Terminal 2, which has advanced facilities and modern design, went into operation on March 26, 2008. It was conceived as a world-class airport, and one of the largest airport buildings in the world, with capacity of 60 million passengers annually. Today, I’m very exciting as I have the opportunity […]

Design Software Company Sends Fraud Legal Letter In China

Today, my company received yet another legal letter from a reputable design software company, lets call it company A. The legal letter seems to hint that we are using pirated copies of their software. We received a legal letter from this company back in FY2005 as well. My company is an internally recognized world leader […]

Foreigners to Carry Passport Around Shanghai

Do you? Beijing Olympic games is around the corner, the Chinese goverment has conduct to check foreigners residency papers to bolster security of the country. According to Shanghai Public Security Bureau, the Exit-Entry Administration, foreigners in Shanghai should carry their passport at all times as Police carry out increasingly frequent random checks; failure to produce […]

The Olympic Torch Is In Town!

The moment we are all waiting for is finally here! The Olympic Torch has arrived in Shanghai today after 3 days delayed (the week’s official mourning period) from the originally expected date. The relay in Shanghai is kind of special because some of the torchbearers are SiChuan earthquake rescuers who just came back from the […]

7.8 Magnitute Quake hit SiChuan Province

It has been 2 days since the 7.8 magnitute quake happened in Sichuan province. We were in Shanghai when we heard about the earthquake. My sister was working as an Expat in Chengdu, Sichuan, when it took place. We were extremely worried about her safety as we could not contact her after the quake occurred. […]

Superman spotted in Shanghai Metro

Our childhood super hero, Superman was spotted taking Shanghai Metro. He probably saw the news about bus exploded in Shanghai here and here, and thinks the public transport aren’t that safe. So he decided to take the subway instead and make sure the ordinary commuters are safe! Ha…. Picture credit: ChinaTravel