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Brunch at Sweet Dynasty Shanghai

There are certainly better place for Cantonese dim sum brunch, but when it comes to quality and affordability, we always choose Sweet Dynasty everytime. It’s quiet and not so crowded during brunch. Hong Kong New World Building, basement. They have 1 outlet in Shanghai, 3 in Taiwan, 9 in Japan and a main outlet in […]

A Santa during CNY

Arrhhh… the Chinese Lunar New Year… This year, I realized I was no longer the person receiving Hong Bao, but the one giving, officially… to the kids of friends and peers. Hong bao, is a handy-size red envelops stuffed with money. Kids love them! That’s like Christmas presents from Santa in the west. Married adults […]

Microsoft Buy Internet Pioneer Yahoo for $44.6 Billion

Microsoft buys Yahoo? The Internet is swarming with rumors that the Software Giant is buying Yahoo to compete with Google – a leader in search engine advertising industry. As off now, there’s 57,700,000 search for the term “Microsoft buys Yahoo” in Yahoo search, 25,400,000 in Microsoft Live Search and 267,000 in Google search. Many of […]