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42 Deadly Ad Copy Sins That I’ve Made

I have read thousands of ad copies online and offline over my lifetime. I have read excellent ad copies that made me buy right away and some that may have had a decent product, but had a poor ad copy that turned me away. Now that I am in business, I have written some of […]

Do you spit and burp in public??

– QUOTED – BEIJING (Reuters) – Some Chinese tourists have been warned that while spitting, slurping food and jumping queues may merely disgust people at home, they are sometimes not tolerated abroad, Xinhua news agency said on Friday. The increasing number of Chinese tourists travelling abroad may be a huge new source of income to […]

Anji County, ZheJiang

Anji, known as “China’s Home of Bamboo”, is one of most famous bamboo counties in Zhejiang province. It takes about 3 hours drive from Shanghai. Before the year 2002, Anji was isolated from the outside world because of the poor transportation, and for many years its economy remained undeveloped. Since then, Anji build highways connecting […]

Turn Your freebies Into Sales

You can increase sales and profits by offering freebies to people who buy your main product or service. They increase the over all value of your main offer and in return people feel they’re getting more for less. It’s important that you have a high enough profit margin so you can afford to give them […]

The only thing standing between you and success is excuses!

Success is a choice and we must choose to eliminate the excuses and take action today! So many times we make excuses because we feel we must study to perfection or make sure all our “ducks are in a row.” The result then becomes a habit of procrastination. Ultimately frustration and blame sets in and […]

Are you keeping busy or are you taking real action?

Often we can spend hours after hours after hours with very little result in terms of business growth. We have heard tens of thousands of claims from struggling network marketers who claim they put tons of hours and a boatload of money into their business. yet these same networkers claim they have little or no […]

How To Reward Your Customers

The formula for success for any business is to get your customers to make repeat purchases. There are a number of factors involved for getting repeat customers: pricing, quality of products and services, excellent customer service etc. One of the best ways is to reward your customers for their repeat purchases. Here are three effective […]