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Singapore food in Shanghai

Frankie’s Place Facade. The interior. Menu with English subtitles. The famous Hainamese Chicken Rice Singapore style prawn mee soup Shun Kueh, a Singapore dessert Milk tea named Teh Tarik Frankie’s Place, a Singaporean Restaurant here in Shanghai. They cook very nice “cha kueh tiaw” too. A lot of variety compare to other Singaporean restaurant in […]

You know you’ve been in China for too long when…

Some interesting articles submitted by expats in ShanghaiExpat dot com……. You know you’ve been in China for too long when: You blow your nose or spit on the restaurant floor (of course after making a loud hocking noise) You look over people’s shoulder to see what they are reading You throw your trash out the […]

Hygine habits of the Mainland Chinese

Had my lunch at a Vietnamese Restaurant yesterday above XuJiaHui subway. The food sucks! The curry that I’ve order are not fresh at all and ‘taste’ overnight! We ordered some Vietnamese grill chicken wings but ends up fried chicken wings. After I went home, I fall sick. I consider how bad it was based on […]

Don’t give up your effort!

I Hope this story inspires you all as it did me.  Just picked this story up from the Warrior forum and I had to share it with you all. God Will Never Quit One day I decided to quit…I quit my job, my relationship, my spirituality…I wanted to quit my life. I went to the […]