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Osaka Castle – Himeji-jo

One of Osaka’s most uncompromisingly modern district, this business center of Kyobashi is home to its most imposing historical monument – The Osaka Castle named Himeji-jo. The original form of the castle remains almost intact and is an excellent example of Japanese wooden architecture reflecting the ultimate combination of beauty and functionality. Himeji-jo castle is […]

Osaka – a city of stunning diversity and culture

I touched down at Kansai International Air terminal yesterday…. the word Kansai International Air Terminal is very very familiar to me. I did a research on it last time for a project in Uni and it’s designed by a very famous Architect – Renzo Piano . And now…. I can’t believe that I was stepping […]

Shanghai Motor Show 2005

Mini Cooper Lamborghini concept car The exhibition was held in the neighbourhood of Pudong in Shanghai every 2 years. I heard this year’s show demonstrated a huge effort to be an influential and a large scale international show. Not only have local auto makers stepped up the quality of their exhibition booths and presentation (with […]