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How much change?

I mentioned in my old blog how some shop assistants have trouble even with basic arithmetic, the most extreme case being a CRC supermarket in Shanghai where the total was RMB95, I gave her a 100 note and she took a calculator out to determine how much change to give me back. Well, it happened […]

Van at work!

Introducing Van McClean, the Australian Art Director who I’m currently staying with. Van is a fun and energetic old man He speaks good Cantonese and used to stay in Hong Kong for over 40 years. The only Chinese word that he know is “??” ~ (Coca Cola!) Back to work…

Counterfeit Notes in China

Counterfeit notes are everywhere in China. Often, these counterfeit notes are those of bigger denominations such as RMB50 and RMB100. It’s easy to recognise as the paper feels different and the Chinese will check several times when they receive a RMB50 or RMB100 to make sure it is not a fake. My colleague was kind […]

Lost in Mandarin Pronounciation!

I was checking my designers work at her PC and I feel that the AutoCAD furniture template (we have a directory of furniture block, basically a pre-drawn furniture in plan and elevation to make our life easier) that she choose need to be changed. She’s doing a furniture layout with a Victorian concept but she […]