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Pyjamas Outdoor – A Shanghai Fashion

In Carefour Hypermarket. The first time I saw someone wearing striped cotton pyjamas in a crowded street in the middle of the afternoon, it is hard not to do a double-take especially when that person is walking a dog, playing chess at the park or pedalling a bicycle. As you sitting in a bustling restaurant […]

Shanghai Taxi Madness

Taking a cab in the city of Shanghai can be very nerve-wracking. Walk as much as possible! Take the subway or even buses. Some of the drivers give you a scary and exhausting ride while going around corners and down streets even if you, in reality, are going only a few blocks away. I also […]

I work in Xu Jia Hui

I work @ Xu Jia Hui – one of the central business districts in Shanghai Xujiahui is mainly a commercial district of downtown Shanghai. The main shopping district is centered around the intersection which is home to three supermarkets, six major shopping malls nice large-scale office towers and the famous Shanghai Jiaotong University. Everything from […]

Living & Working in Shanghai

As a foreigner living and working in Shanghai, I am enjoying the benefits of being an expatriate of a country which is far wealtheir than the one in which I reside! I dine in expensive restaurants. I have a chauffeur who waits downstairs and fetch me to work every morning. I eat sushi at least […]